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  2. Supp guys 😄 First of all, thank you dennis for taking PD back. I realy enjoyed V2 en V3 of PD a few years ago Usernames i've been on playing: G0d 0f Pure - Pure 0f 0wnz - Legend I hope to see more old players back, I will remember alot, SUPRISEEE MEEEE 😝 See ya all Ingame! Few vids:
  3. Hello everyone! My username is Rarely. You can call me Lee or Rarely, either will do. I've played Runescape as a whole since 2007 and have played Private Servers since 2010. I've only ever played as a Skiller and don't know how to do anything else. I'm 24 years old. After I graduated High School I immediately enlisted into the Army and have been in since. I'm originally from California. That's a little about me! This Server from the videos I've seen looks really amazing, all the different content is really going to bring in a lot of players! I can't wait to see you all in-game, I think I'll be around for a while. Happy Gaming and Stay Safe! -Rarely
  4. Hello Everyone, The time that you all have been waiting for is finally right around the corner, after months of development, and ton of content added along with bugs/exploits fixed, the official launch of Project Decimate is ready! Saturday Morning 3:00pm EST Project Decimate will be ready for all to play! we hope to see you ingame! thank you to all of you who have stayed so loyal, and continued to be involved in the community during these tough times, I hope everyone is staying safe from this pandemic and can't wait to see you all again.
  5. Hello, Before getting into the larger projects in this upcoming week, I've dropped some smaller content / fixes. - Wrath prayer is fully working with animation and damage based on prayer level - Retribution is fully working with damage based on prayer level - Hit Predictor added, right click xp drop icon, and toggle hitsplats (melee only ATM) - Select X isnt working on cooking (fixed) - Mining Interface removed the coal requirement for any ores to bars, no need for coal mining to make your bars. - smithing items is way too quick QOL fix - Inferno Adze now has level requirements to use.
  6. Chinchompa


    Welcome to Project Decimate community1 Hope you enjoy it here! Any questions, feel free to ask!
  7. Amazing update! Thanks Dennis
  8. - Group Ironman ( 3-5 members, invites , kicks , shared bank , decreased XP rates , 12% increased drop rates ) - Hardcore Ironman ( Decreased XP rates, 15% drop rate increase ) - Quick prayers for the normals spell book added - Augury and Rigour prayers are now added to the normal spellbook - Wilderness Multizone Barrage attacks now will hit nearby players and you will get skulled - once obtained 200m xp in a skill, you will still recieve a sort of XP drop to let you know you're about to hit. - esc/space to close tabs/skip dialogue - Woodcutting bugs fixed - Relocated the Cerberus teleport option from "monsters" to its appropriate "bosses" teleports. - Drops have been reverted back to the player who dealt the most amount of damage - Corrupt PvP armours will now disappear after 250 hits (operate to check how many charges remain) - Normal PvP armours will will disappear after 1,000 hits (operate to check how many charges remain) - Added "venenatis , Callisto , Vet'ion and Greater Demons to the Wilderness teleports ( changed all colors to red ) ( you can still quickly access all of these locations using the commands "::vet" "::ven" "::callisto" "::Gdz" - Hexcrest and Sight of Focus have been added to the slayer shop for 500 points each.
  9. amy


    Welcome Luis! 🙂
  10. Irritant


    I agree on an item reset, not so much a stat reset, considering im working on max hcim haha
  11. Azymis


    Hello all. My name is Azymis. Friends call me Luis, you all can! In my free time, I enjoy gaming of all kinds, and have been in the RSPS scene since 2008. Feel free to send me a chat on discord! See ya'll ingame.
  12. Azymis


    Hello everyone, I just started playing this server and I seem to be quite a fan of it. However, I found out that there is suppose to be a reset happening in the upcoming weeks. I was wondering if we could propose the reset to be an item reset instead of a full skill and item reset. I know there is a lot of players that have been playing for quite some time and it will suck for these people to lose all of their work. On top of that, most if not all players are pretty much refusing to play the game as they feel that their hard work will mean nothing since they have to do it all over again. Thanks. Azymis.
  13. Awesome! Good luck to all.
  14. Jordy has a small penis :L
  15. Jordy has a small penis :L
  16. amy


    Jordy has a small penis :L
  17. Hex

    Sincere Apology.

    Unmuted. Next offence will be a higher time.
  18. i think pvp armour and weapons should be removed to if this happens so everyone can start back at square 1.
  19. I think eco reset is what to do, the eco got ruined because of the world drop system. It brought to many drops into the game and it just needs to go back to the top damage player gets the drop and the eco gets started again with this drop system, but all donor points should be given back to each player fully.
  20. As long as donor points are fully given back to what was put on the account, I dont mind, Think its smart but we should wait to do this til some youtubers make videos and get more players on the server, no point to reset until then
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