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    Hello all. My name is Azymis. Friends call me Luis, you all can! In my free time, I enjoy gaming of all kinds, and have been in the RSPS scene since 2008. Feel free to send me a chat on discord! See ya'll ingame.
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    - Group Ironman ( 3-5 members, invites , kicks , shared bank , decreased XP rates , 12% increased drop rates ) - Hardcore Ironman ( Decreased XP rates, 15% drop rate increase ) - Quick prayers for the normals spell book added - Augury and Rigour prayers are now added to the normal spellbook - Wilderness Multizone Barrage attacks now will hit nearby players and you will get skulled - once obtained 200m xp in a skill, you will still recieve a sort of XP drop to let you know you're about to hit. - esc/space to close tabs/skip dialogue - Woodcutting bugs fixed - Relocated the Cerberus teleport option from "monsters" to its appropriate "bosses" teleports. - Drops have been reverted back to the player who dealt the most amount of damage - Corrupt PvP armours will now disappear after 250 hits (operate to check how many charges remain) - Normal PvP armours will will disappear after 1,000 hits (operate to check how many charges remain) - Added "venenatis , Callisto , Vet'ion and Greater Demons to the Wilderness teleports ( changed all colors to red ) ( you can still quickly access all of these locations using the commands "::vet" "::ven" "::callisto" "::Gdz" - Hexcrest and Sight of Focus have been added to the slayer shop for 500 points each.
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    Welcome Luis! ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Many of you have read and replied to the post suggesting an eco reset, we can almost all agree that is something that isnโ€™t going to work. An eco reset isnโ€™t necessarily the answer to help make Project Decimate better. Iโ€™d like to share my opinion and hear yours about how we could come to a conclusion. Things need to change, that's for sure. The eco being in the weird limbo state it is in right now is certainly cause for concern, but it doesn't warrant a reset. Those at the top, by now, have to know what to do, it's just a matter of shifting efforts & focus. I myself have already given Dennis most my wealth, along with a few others. I've suggested that Dennis do a soft reset and take away certain items that were farmed when the drops were touched, such as Nex Sets, Primals, Chaotics. Pvp armours, etc This is the best solution we can really do at this point. An eco reset isn't really the solution to everything.
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    I think eco reset is what to do, the eco got ruined because of the world drop system. It brought to many drops into the game and it just needs to go back to the top damage player gets the drop and the eco gets started again with this drop system, but all donor points should be given back to each player fully.
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    As long as donor points are fully given back to what was put on the account, I dont mind, Think its smart but we should wait to do this til some youtubers make videos and get more players on the server, no point to reset until then
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    I agree with the first 2, but I highly disagree with eco reset. People like biggie, who's put hours into the game would be disappointed, there are a lot of players who've grinded for their items.
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    I agree, however I disagree with resetting ironmen. I worked hard on my iron man, and I don't want it reset by people who abused bugs and exploits.
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    I support these changes, but I will let the community make the final decision.
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    Well all ill say is gz....
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    congratulations mr @Chinchompa get fucked mr @Rogue
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    Hello, I have decided to give extra incentives to those who vote on a daily basis , even on some of our sites that allow voting every 12 hours. At the end of each month I will be giving out the following rewards to the top voters! thank you all for supporting Project Decimate! - First Place Voter will recieve - $20 scroll ingame - Second Place Voter will receive - $10 scroll ingame -Third Place Voter will receive - $5 scroll ingame
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    Hey guys! Here is. alittle preview of what's in store for Donator zone, if you decide to donate! There's shops and npcs to explore, so lets get to it! The following are benefits of donating. To enter the donator zone, do ::da Once you entere the ::da command and select enter, you will end up here, at the Donator zone. Welcome to the donator zone! If you head a little west, you will find some prayer altars, and a thieving stall, and within the building to the north, there are a few bank chests as well! If you head southwest a little, there are 2 npcs. Jaraah, the one in white, can heal you every five minutes. The one with a green apron, Reggie, sells donator only items. This is the inventory Reggie has at the donator area. If you head east, you can find 2 more bank stalls, and a furnace. This makes good for quick smithing training! If you head north, you can also find a range, and one more bank stall, as pictured below. Also here, you can find the yellow portal next to a pile of logs. This portal takes you to a donator only boss, called dreadnaut. Dreadnaut drops primal weapons, do ::drops for more information. (NOTE: IT IS HEAVILY ADVISED TO DO THIS BOSS WITH FRIENDS AND OTHER PLAYERS!) If you head back to ::da, and head east, you will finder a cave entrance. This cave entrance is the donator only dungeon. Inside there are: Frost dragons, good for frost dragon bones!(::drops or examine for more information) If you head north east of frost dragons, you can find Primal Warriors! (Note: Primal warriors only drop primal armors ::drops or examine for more information) And lastly we have the Unholy Cursebearer! (UCB Pictured Below) The UCB drops gravite weaponry, which is good for pure pkers. It also drops blue, and red capes, along with blood necklace and demon horn necklace. (::drops or examine for more information) Other information on Donating To redeem your donation scrolls, please type ::claim. You can sell your donation scrolls to other players in game, for gp and items. You can also use your scrolls and redeem your donation points. These points can be spent at the donator store @ ::home (Party Pete) There are different ranks for donators, there is Regular (10$ donated), Super (100$ donated), Extreme (300$ donated), Legend (600$ donated), and VIP (1000$ donated) (can be viewed in-game by doing command ::ranks) These ranks do not have any difference to accessibility of donator zone. If you are having any issues redeeming your donation, please contact an administrator.
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    Grammar difficulties = Young ๐Ÿ˜› (no offence haha)
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    In-Game Username: Hex Timeplayed (::timeplayed):2 days Prior PVM experience: I do alot of pvm, raids 1 & 2 Prior PKING experience: nh pking, average. IRL Name:(Optional) Kj Any Prior Clans(if any): rev army(pking clan), iron clan ( pvm clan ) Reffered by: Chin ๐Ÿ™‚
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