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  1. Hello Everyone, The time that you all have been waiting for is finally right around the corner, after months of development, and ton of content added along with bugs/exploits fixed, the official launch of Project Decimate is ready! Saturday Morning 3:00pm EST Project Decimate will be ready for all to play! we hope to see you ingame! thank you to all of you who have stayed so loyal, and continued to be involved in the community during these tough times, I hope everyone is staying safe from this pandemic and can't wait to see you all again.
  2. Hello, Before getting into the larger projects in this upcoming week, I've dropped some smaller content / fixes. - Wrath prayer is fully working with animation and damage based on prayer level - Retribution is fully working with damage based on prayer level - Hit Predictor added, right click xp drop icon, and toggle hitsplats (melee only ATM) - Select X isnt working on cooking (fixed) - Mining Interface removed the coal requirement for any ores to bars, no need for coal mining to make your bars. - smithing items is way too quick QOL fix - Inferno Adze now has level requirements to use.
  3. - Group Ironman ( 3-5 members, invites , kicks , shared bank , decreased XP rates , 12% increased drop rates ) - Hardcore Ironman ( Decreased XP rates, 15% drop rate increase ) - Quick prayers for the normals spell book added - Augury and Rigour prayers are now added to the normal spellbook - Wilderness Multizone Barrage attacks now will hit nearby players and you will get skulled - once obtained 200m xp in a skill, you will still recieve a sort of XP drop to let you know you're about to hit. - esc/space to close tabs/skip dialogue - Woodcutting bugs fixed - Relocated the Cerberus teleport option from "monsters" to its appropriate "bosses" teleports. - Drops have been reverted back to the player who dealt the most amount of damage - Corrupt PvP armours will now disappear after 250 hits (operate to check how many charges remain) - Normal PvP armours will will disappear after 1,000 hits (operate to check how many charges remain) - Added "venenatis , Callisto , Vet'ion and Greater Demons to the Wilderness teleports ( changed all colors to red ) ( you can still quickly access all of these locations using the commands "::vet" "::ven" "::callisto" "::Gdz" - Hexcrest and Sight of Focus have been added to the slayer shop for 500 points each.
  4. I support these changes, but I will let the community make the final decision.
  5. Good luck to everyone that is taking part in this competition! another competition will take place for group ironman once it is released !
  6. Updates from this past week: -Bank bug withdrawling cash bug ( if you had max cash in inv, and tried withdrawling X amount you would lose the X amount) -Bank sizes changing per rank - 420 regular account +100 each donator rank -::data and ::fps cmds -dfs spec timer (from 2 minutes to 30 seconds now) -price of bonemeal set from 0 -> 3.2k - Items remain in the same inventory slot - Fixed mithril seed planting offset - players are required to do 1/3 of the total dmg to an NPC to receive a drop - added additional bot prevention - nerf'ed the ring of wealth,it was way to high of drop percentage boost, it was 45% drop rate bonus, now its 10% - spam clicking fishing spots fills up the inventory fast (same as the rune essence before it got fixed) - Max hit dummy at home - crystal chest with crystal key working - show me how to add the loots and I will add them in. - Ability to teleport out of wilderness with glory lvl 30 and under - made them go down in charges aswell fomr (4) to (3) etc each use - Laucher for client so it will auto update cache and no more need for new client downloads after this update. - Hard Core Iron Man , 15% drop rate increase , reduced XP rates , reverted to regular ironman upon death.
  7. Congratulations to the winners! the wilderness event was defintely interesting and plan on doing more of those !
  8. Account Jordy and Jodan are now unbanned.
  9. Dennis

    appealing my mute

    as long as it doesn't happen again , your 24 hour mute is lifted.
  10. This week's updates! - OSRS Wilderness bosses have been added (Vet'ion , Callisto , Venanatis). ::vet ::ven ::callisto are the command teleports to get the new wilderness bosses! - OSRS Wilderness bosses PETS are now included in their drop tables! (rare). - Easter Basket has added the "skipping in place" animation. - Healer, Attacker, Collecter, Defender Icons are now in "arrow" slot to allow PvM and Pk'ing with it. - Hotswap and Github have been implemented to make developing and updates alot more smoother. - Experience drop are now before the attack ( good for when you are pking). - Ignore list is now working -Items now stay in place when switching See you in game, Project Decimate Staff Team
  11. Thank you all for being so patient for this weeks updates! they're live now! - :: Rules and ::Discord have been added to the commands for easy access. - Ring of wealth has been buffed - drop rates and table have been buffed including all working drops now - Potions now disappear after the last sip - Bank 'Search' Implemented - Sea Troll Boss is now a multi combat zone - Barrage in multi combat zones, will now attack nearby players when PvM - be careful of lures - ::ResetKDR is now implemented - healer added at home for non donators every 5 minutes, Unlimited use for Donators - Shift dropping is implemented - Level 91 slayer required to attack Cerb. - You must deal 25% damage now in order to get loot from world PvM'ing - Corrupt pvp gear and weapons will now last 1,000 hits, rather than the 1 hour time limit "Operate" to check charges - Mining rune essence has been fixed (no more spam clicking for loaded inventories) - Morrigan's Javelin's and Throwing Axe's have been buffed, no more hitting 10's and under ! great for pking & PvM now!
  12. Hello, I have decided to give extra incentives to those who vote on a daily basis , even on some of our sites that allow voting every 12 hours. At the end of each month I will be giving out the following rewards to the top voters! thank you all for supporting Project Decimate! - First Place Voter will recieve - $20 scroll ingame - Second Place Voter will receive - $10 scroll ingame -Third Place Voter will receive - $5 scroll ingame
  13. Great thread Chin, I hope to see your clan get lots of loots together! maybe create a media thread for all good loots obtained within the clan events!
  14. Hello All, Some of the updates that we have been working on the last week, the drop tables took the longest to implement, high quality content and interfaces! Hope you all enjoy this weeks update, and alot more will continue to be added on a weekly basis! - Divine Spirit Shield has proper working effects now - Prim , Eternal , Peg boots have been added with proper OSRS stats - Drop Tables have been completed with up to date drops - ::home while in combat screen glitch is fixed - Ironman Icon added with the game mode - Youtuber rank added - World bossing ( more than 1 person can get loots , no longer only the player who does the most damage ) - Left click attack options for player & NPC's with different settings - all icons are working in main chat, clan chat, and private messages - Slayer tasks have been fixed and upgraded
  15. Hi all, I have come across a subject that I would like more feedback from the community about, when it comes to the PK'ing system and the PKP shop, as you've logged in and explored around, you would have noticed that there is one shop in particular that is completely emply upon making a new account. Although it is empty once in the shop, it does give you the brief description if you take the time to read it: https://gyazo.com/c4a68761878f3136990b3f889cd2c8ea my question to you all is weather the suspense of not knowing what's next in the shop to be unlocked is a good idea or a bad idea, I will implement my decision to go forward based on your feedback! in addition here is the sneak peek of the fully unlocked shop, currently once you have unlocked all of the items from the shop, you get discounts on the items PKP point value ( 50 points for fire cape at first, 37 points after shop is fully unlocked , and so on with the other items) Here is a sneak peek of the shop fully unlocked! https://gyazo.com/68565def99b8b5ae718fc4ccf826e8f2
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