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    Welcome to Project Decimate community1 Hope you enjoy it here! Any questions, feel free to ask!
  2. If you aren't donald trump i'm finna have to say no fam
  3. Attention All Players: We have a few events coming up this weekend! Hot/Cold Flower Event - Users will meet at a broadcasted location and line up in a single-file line. Hosts will go down the line, asking each participant to guess either hot or cold for a single flower plant; if you are correct, you stay, if not, you are eliminated. Last person left wins. (Saturday, June 13th, 7 PM EST.) Hot/Cold Flower Event - Users will meet at a broadcasted location and line up in a single-file line. Hosts will go down the line, asking each participant to guess either hot or cold for a single flower plant; if you are correct, you stay, if not, you are eliminated. Last person left wins. (Sunday, June 14th, 7 PM EST.) Coordinate Hide n' Seek - Host will be hiding and will say the coordinates of where I am hiding, first person to find me wins. (Sunday, June 14th, 7 PM EST.) Wilderness Hide n' Seek - Users must find and kill the event host. We will be hidden somewhere in the wilderness, so don't bring items you are afraid to lose. (Sunday, June 14th, 7 PM EST, to follow after coordinate) Prizes Prizes for these events are as follows: Hot/Cold - Agile bottoms Coordinate Hide n' Seek - Agile top Wilderness Hide n' Seek - Korasi Sword Hope to see everyone there! (Events are chronological)
  4. I like these suggestions, Xdr4g0nX! We can always use suggestions like these. Keep them coming!
  5. Ironman and Hardcore Ironman cater to many players across the platform of Runescape. It would, in the long run draw players to the server, I firmly believe. Personally I think HCIM would make a great addition to Project Decimate. Although, when a HCIM dies, I believe the account should be LOCKED. Therefore adding even more risk.
  6. The winners of the Dharok pking tournament are as follows. 1st- Gary - 10$ donator scroll 2nd- Zac - 5$ donator scroll 3rd- Chinchompa - Abyssal whip Congratulations for everyone who entered and to the winners!
  7. Hello everyone! We are looking for your feedback on which updates you guys see to be the most valuable to come first. Here is a list of the following content that is in the works Choose 5 of these below that you would like to see in the near future! 1-23. (in any order) 1. - Remove tormented demons out of the avatars lair 2. - Client Auto Updater so no more client downloads need to be reinstalled 3. - New donator zone for extreme donator + also a slight increase in each ranks potential for getting drops, even if they're wearing a ROW 4. - Announce UnCommon drops in your own chatbox, not public for everyone, just so you don't miss any loots accidently. Ex: 5. - Increase the accuracy of primal weapons, chaotic is more accurate at the time being 6. - allow scroll wheel to work on the ::drops interface 7. - items staying in place when switching ( during pking, cba having to drag items back to where you had them) 8. - wrath prayer does not work at all 9. - ignore list is not working properly 10. - fix the "search item" in the drop tables 11. - add more space in the banks ( items disappear around 30 rows ) 12. - add the spells up to fire surge in the spellbook with working animations 13. - remove the hardcore 3/4 drop rates increase 14. - morrigans throwing axes and javelins are very under powered. (buff) 15. - dfs to be able to be used every 30 seconds like veng. 16. - ::players shows all the players online on an interface with their rank, not just the number in the chatbox 17.-Max hit dummy at home 18. - No clipping/NPC - kalphites when agroed no clip walls, same with fight caves. Could be more mobs at risk here. (Fix) 19. - Fix xp drops to drop before the hit not after 20. - Wildy Bosses (venanatis, vetion & venanatis models are added, just need combat scripts written) 21. -Disable claiming bone or mystery boxes reward from voting 22. - spam clicking mining for rune essence will load up your inventory very quickly 23. - xp counter stops at 200m xp, would like it to still show potential xp drops for pking, but not give actual more xp
  8. Bank tabs aren't coming anytime soon. The "search" button is underway to make it a little easier to locate items in larger banks. Per Dennis, should be finished tomorrow. OT: Placeholders would be useful.
  9. Best get staking Big boi. 🙂 But for real though, good luck!
  10. Hey guys! Here is. alittle preview of what's in store for Donator zone, if you decide to donate! There's shops and npcs to explore, so lets get to it! The following are benefits of donating. To enter the donator zone, do ::da Once you entere the ::da command and select enter, you will end up here, at the Donator zone. Welcome to the donator zone! If you head a little west, you will find some prayer altars, and a thieving stall, and within the building to the north, there are a few bank chests as well! If you head southwest a little, there are 2 npcs. Jaraah, the one in white, can heal you every five minutes. The one with a green apron, Reggie, sells donator only items. This is the inventory Reggie has at the donator area. If you head east, you can find 2 more bank stalls, and a furnace. This makes good for quick smithing training! If you head north, you can also find a range, and one more bank stall, as pictured below. Also here, you can find the yellow portal next to a pile of logs. This portal takes you to a donator only boss, called dreadnaut. Dreadnaut drops primal weapons, do ::drops for more information. (NOTE: IT IS HEAVILY ADVISED TO DO THIS BOSS WITH FRIENDS AND OTHER PLAYERS!) If you head back to ::da, and head east, you will finder a cave entrance. This cave entrance is the donator only dungeon. Inside there are: Frost dragons, good for frost dragon bones!(::drops or examine for more information) If you head north east of frost dragons, you can find Primal Warriors! (Note: Primal warriors only drop primal armors ::drops or examine for more information) And lastly we have the Unholy Cursebearer! (UCB Pictured Below) The UCB drops gravite weaponry, which is good for pure pkers. It also drops blue, and red capes, along with blood necklace and demon horn necklace. (::drops or examine for more information) Other information on Donating To redeem your donation scrolls, please type ::claim. You can sell your donation scrolls to other players in game, for gp and items. You can also use your scrolls and redeem your donation points. These points can be spent at the donator store @ ::home (Party Pete) There are different ranks for donators, there is Regular (10$ donated), Super (100$ donated), Extreme (300$ donated), Legend (600$ donated), and VIP (1000$ donated) (can be viewed in-game by doing command ::ranks) These ranks do not have any difference to accessibility of donator zone. If you are having any issues redeeming your donation, please contact an administrator.
  11. Inquiring about Extreme donator rank for forums. Thanks Chinchompa.
  12. Accepted, Welcome to Decimation!
  13. It's looking pretty good, However as we continue to progress in adding more wilderness bosses, maybe we can sneak a few new weapons and armors in there, otherwise it looks fantastic!
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