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  1. Appeal for a punishment | Report a player | Project Decimate Discord | Knowledge Base 1. Third Party Software Any software that is used to allow the member to gain an unfair advantage in any way will result in punishment. We want to create a fair enviroment where all players have an equal opportunity to utilize all features of our server. Software includes automation tools, macros, bots, and auto-clickers. This includes the development of scripts for said bots. - Macro Farms (3+ accounts macroing at the same time) WILL result in an automatic IP-Ban for all accounts involved. - We reserve the right to reset your stats if we deem it appropriate, this means any account involved in exploitation. - Anyone found distributing/creating/using macros WILL be IP-Banned. 1st Offence: 24H Ban (Skill reset to level 1) 2nd Offence: Perm Ban 3rd Offence: IP-Ban 2. Bug Abuse Players must not use or attempt to use any bugs or glitches which they may find in our game/website. Any exploits a player finds is requested to be immediately reported to us via discord with screenshots. 1st Offence: 24H Ban 2nd Offence: 1W Ban 3rd Offence: IP-Ban 3. Hacking The act of obtaining and/or another member's account information for any reason is strictly forbidden. This includes but it is not limited to; obtaining passwords from old databases, brute forcing, social engineering information, RATing etc. If you are found guilty of such acts, you will be removed from our community IMMEDIATELY. 1st Offence: Account & IP-Ban 4. False Reports False reports are not tolerated, this includes using the CC/Yell, as well as in-game to spread drama that may or may not be true. I.E 'User1 is scamming! Don't trade him!' These reports should be sent to a Moderator or higher. 1st Offense: 24H Mute | 2nd Offense: 48H Mute 3rd Offense: Perm. Mute 5. Scamming Changing items / amounts of GP in trades or changing duel arena rules is NOT punishable, there are second trade/duel interfaces to avoid scams like this from taking place. Scamming item loans, trust trades, gambles, or any other scam that can be proven WILL be punished. Video evidence MUST be provided, screenshots will not suffice. Please keep mind dicebags are tradable, you will be jeopardizing your account along with your ability to host if you scam whilst gambling. We do not offer refunds for items/gp that was lost due to a scam. 1st Offense: 1W Ban 2nd Offense: Perm Banned on all accounts associated with player 6. Doxing / Information Leak The act of intenionally mentioning / leaking private information about a player or staff member is NOT tolerated. You will be dealt with IMMEDIATELY. 1st Offense: Perm Ban 2nd Offense: MAC Ban 7. Impersonation Impersonating any member of our community rather it be for entertainment, monetary gain, persuasion, etc, will NOT be tolerated. Impersonation of staff will automatically be escalated up to the 2nd offense. 1st Offense: Perm Ban 2nd Offense: MAC Ban 8. Player vs Player guidelines We are NOT held responsible for members who have lost, disconnected, etc. while being located within the wilderness. Entering the wilderness is at people's own risk, however, we have a few rules to keep things fair: Luring is a big part of Runescape/RSPS in itself, and as most places, it is not punishable. You will however be punished if you lure over yell/help CC or attempt to lure a staff member by requesting help or asking for assistance in any manner. 1st Offense: 24H Mute | 2nd Offense: 72H Mute | 3rd Offense: Perm. Mute Ragging, or "1-iteming" is a PVP tactic that is used even in OSRS. However, the consistency of a player 1-iteming with the intent to be an annoyance to another player is against the rules. Attacking a player in the wilderness whilst risking little to nothing and having no intent of actually killing the target is considered as ragging. As the intent cannot directly be measured, it is up to the staff members to decide whether or not a specific scenario falls under ragging or not. The rule is fairly obvious when it comes to intent, if you're in NH gear, or actually risking something upon death, you're perfectly allowed to repetitively kill a specific player. If you're wielding a crystal bow, the odds of you killing your target are rather low and you'd be classified as a ragger. Attacking NPCs around the game with the intent of only blocking someone else from completing their assignment, while having no benefit of your own in doing so. This basically means attacking the NPCs that a player is thieving with the intent of stopping them from thieving, whilst giving you no gain whatsoever. This does not mean that attacking a monster where you're actually trying to get the loot is against the rules - it is not. The intent in this rule is subjective as well, and decided by the staff members. This is counted as harassment. Video evidence MUST be provided to the Staff Team when making a report. First Offense: 24H Ban | 2nd Offense: 72H Ban | 3rd Offense: Perm Ban 9. Invading other Communities Invading other communities is without question a permanent ban from the forums and server, we do not tolerate this and want to remain peaceful throughout the RSPS community. Such things are a sign of desperation and there's not going to be a time where the Project Decimate team will stoop to that level of "stealing" other members. it's unacceptable and will be dealt with harshly. 1st Offense: IP Ban As we still expect you to abide by Server Rules on the Discord and forums, we have but a few additional Discord/Forum guidelines. 1. System Security, Penetration testing, and Exploiting Attempting to exploit and penetrate the security measures of Project Decimate's software, hardware, or any other devices used by our users or operations of the overall system will be punished. Project Decimate security is handled by Dennis, Project Decimate Management takes the website and our player's security extremely seriously. Therefore, any attempt to breach Project Decimate or the players of Project Decimate's security will not be taken lightly. If any exploits are found, please submit them to Dennis. 1st Offense: IP Ban 2. Spamming Posts that do not contribute to the topic of the thread or any relevant conversation being held within the thread are considered spam. Clarification of the rule can be seen below. Posts that consists of pieces of content, that in specific, do not contribute to the post in a relative manner will be considered spam and a warning or infraction will be given per staff's discretion. Grave digging is not allowed and consists of reviving a previously resolved, settled, or "dead" thread after a prolonged period of time. Threads with an activity gap of a month or greater shall be considered "grave-digging”. Topic bumping must be done with the provided topic bumping feature. Topics shall be bumped no more than once every 12 hours. Posts that do not contribute to the topic of the thread or any relevant conversation (regarding the topic) being held within the thread are considered spam. Forum Warning and Warning Point(s) will be issued Habitual offenders CAN lose posting privileges 3. RSPS / Malicious Discord Server Invites Sending other RSPS Discord server invites as well as Malicious Discord server invites that promote rule breaking is NOT tolerated. Only Project Decimate or non RSPS related invites allowed. 1st Offense: Perm. Ban on Discord/Forums 4. Misleading Links Any link you send a member or post publicly must direct you to what it appears as. No link spoofing or redirect links are allowed. We will automatically assume you are up to no good if you do so. 1st Offense: Perm. Ban on Discord/Forums 5. Signatures / Profiles All signatures, profile content, and profile pictures MUST be appropriate and follow all Server Rules. (e.g. No advertisements, nude photos, racism, etc) Forum Warning and Warning Point(s) will be issued Habitual or major offenders could possibly be Perm. Banned depending on the infraction at hand 1. Player Harassment and Inappropriate Language/Content We have zero tolerance for the act of harassment towards another player as well as the use of disrespectful language in regards to one's personal beliefs/religion, race, sexual preference, etc. Discussion of inappropriate content via any chat avenue, per discretion of staff, will not be tolerated. First Offense: 24H Mute | 2nd Offense: 72H Mute | 3rd Offense: 1W Mute | 4th Offense: Perm. Mute 2. Advertising / Active Server Discussion Advertisement of RSPS related content, rather it be a video or direct request to join another server, will NOT be tolerated. Discussing other active servers is strictly forbidden. Basic discussion/promotion of another server would be Minor, as advertising and requesting players to leave and play another server is Major. Members wanting to advertise another link/service outside of RSPS related material can send the link with additional information to an administrator and await approval. Advertising Content creators must be in a 30 minute interval for advertising over yell, Clan chat, or using an auto typer. Advertising a Clan, or CC must be in a 30 minute interval for advertising over yell, Clan chat, or using an auto typer. Minor 1st Offense: 24H Mute | 2nd Offense: Perm Mute Major Offense: Perm. Ban 3. Spamming Any form of spam will not be tolerated. Please use the in-game auto chat feature if you wish to auto chat. This allows for other players to toggle the auto chat if they do not wish to see it. Depending on the severity, you may/may not be warned before the punishment. 1st Offense: 24H Mute | 2nd Offense: 72H Mute | 3rd Offense: 1W Mute | 4th Offense: Perm. Mute 4. Threats Any type of threats endangering one's life, security, or reputation will NOT be tolerated. We want all of our players to feel welcome and safe here, do not go against that integrity. Minor Offense: Perm. Ban | Major Offense: IP Ban 5. Encouraging Others to Break Rules No member of our community shall ever be encouraging others to break rules. Regardless if the other party is aware of said rule, action will be taken for those who do so. Punishment CAN be escalated to 3rd Offense/Perm. Ban depending on the rule at hand. 1st Offense: 48H Mute | 2nd Offense: 1W Mute | 3rd Offense: Perm. Mute 6. Clan Etiquette Clans are a great way to play with friends, and make new relationships, but it's important to note that invading clans, or bashing them will not be tolerated. The list below is a few examples of things that you may be punished for if seen/reported. Joining another Clan/CC for intent of advertising your/someones Clan. Taking Clan issues out of the CC, and bringing them into Public Chat, yell, Help CC, etc. Any type of Clan on Clan public drama is not tolerated. Advertising a Clan, or CC must be in a 30 minute interval for advertising over yell, Clan chat, or using an auto typer. Joining any type of CC via an alternative account with the sole agenda of becoming a disruption or annoyance will no longer be tolerated. Any accounts that are caught doing so will be punished accordingly on both ends, thus meaning alternative accounts that relate to a main account will now be qualified to receive a punishment. 1st Offense: 24H Mute | 2nd Offense: 48H Mute | 3rd Offense: 72H Mute | 4th Offense: Perm. Mute ALL RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS THE STAFF TEAM DEEMS FIT.
  2. I like this guide but could you just make an entire revenants guide instead of one for each revenant? They all follow the same mechanics with different drop rates.
  3. Goodluck Ate love you, I know you'll probably complete this. Although hf getting 1k Nex kc 🙂
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