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  1. Hex

    Sincere Apology.

    Unmuted. Next offence will be a higher time.
  2. It's not that hard to track items that were traded over amy, we have logs for everything. If they did transfer their items, we can easily find out which account it was transfered to and take them away. Dennis doesn't need to turn the server off for that.
  3. Many of you have read and replied to the post suggesting an eco reset, we can almost all agree that is something that isn’t going to work. An eco reset isn’t necessarily the answer to help make Project Decimate better. I’d like to share my opinion and hear yours about how we could come to a conclusion. Things need to change, that's for sure. The eco being in the weird limbo state it is in right now is certainly cause for concern, but it doesn't warrant a reset. Those at the top, by now, have to know what to do, it's just a matter of shifting efforts & focus. I myself have already given Dennis most my wealth, along with a few others. I've suggested that Dennis do a soft reset and take away certain items that were farmed when the drops were touched, such as Nex Sets, Primals, Chaotics. Pvp armours, etc This is the best solution we can really do at this point. An eco reset isn't really the solution to everything.
  4. I agree with the first 2, but I highly disagree with eco reset. People like biggie, who's put hours into the game would be disappointed, there are a lot of players who've grinded for their items.
  5. Hardcore Ironman *This event will not start until the official release of Project Decimate * Hey everyone, HCIM is finally here. The mode will share the same restrictions as other ironman modes but it will have a significantly reduced experience rate which is x10 compared to the regular gamemode x90. Alongside the reduced exp rate, the mode also has some perks. Such as a 15% droprate boost. As you know, If you die as a Hardcore Ironman, you'll be reverted to a regular ironman. Hardcore Ironman will have their own Red Crown next to their name, which will be showed in the chatbox. To celebrate the release of the new mode, we'll be handing out several prizes; First to max a Hardcore Ironman (2083 total level) $200 scroll Second person to max a Hardcore Ironman $100 scroll Third person to max a Hardcore Ironman $50 scroll First BOSS pet $10 scroll First Non Combat 99 Custom Yell Tag and Color and $10 scroll First to 126 combat $10 scroll *Anyone found to be breaking any rules will be disqualified from the event, account sharing is also illegal in this competition so be cautious before deciding to do so. We hope you enjoy this event, and goodluck! Project Decimate Administration Team.
  6. Really excited to grind out HCIM and GIM, also, crystal keys are a great addition to the game πŸ™‚
  7. Would consider, would like to see you active in-game and helping the community. I know you've played the previous versions but it doesn't mean that you can instantly get mod this version. You'll have to work for it. Be active, both on forums and in-game. As of right now it's denied. You're welcome to re-apply, but keep in mind you'll have to wait 1 week before making another application.
  8. Hey everyone, we have multiple events coming up this weekend. Times may vary, we try to do these events when we have 10+ people online. Saturday Event Drop Party - Located at ::dp Wilderness Hide n' Seek - Users must find and kill the event host. We will be hidden somewhere in the wilderness, don't bring items you are afraid to lose. Sunday Event Dharok's Pking Tournament Welfare Brid Pet Event - First player to receive a pet after the event starts wins. ( Pet to be announced ) Prizes are to be determined Hope to see you all there, and goodluck! πŸ™‚
  9. Welcome back πŸ™‚ I remember the name falconhunter. Glad to see you back in PD.
  10. Hex


    Done πŸ™‚ Thank you for your support.
  11. The winners from Weekend Events for 06/14/2020 are in! Saturday Winner @jingles99 Sunday Winners @they stink @gm43 @amy Congratulations to everyone. See you all next week for another round of events! πŸ™‚
  12. Hardcore Ironman This is my personal favorite game mode to play on all servers, it brings a sense of risk versus reward and makes even the slightest improvement to your account feel like a great accomplishment. Hardcore Ironman mode with decreased exp rates If a hardcore ironman dies, they become an ironman. Same rule applies to ironman, except, when killing players in pvp, Hardcore Ironman should not be able to pick the loot. Current problem with Ironman is you can xfer items from main to your ironman, giving it an advantage, what's the point of playing an ironman?? WYD?? *Optional* Donation Points Store, which contains, elite void, cosmetics. Benefits; With the decreased exp rates, hardcore ironman should have increased drop rates, maybe 10-15% A hardcore ironman crown next to their name (this should also show next to their name in chatbox, currently it only shows when you talk in game) Ironman starting armor Designated HCIM zone, or even rework the current ironzone, move it to a different place. Benefits to the server It revitalises the game for a lot of people, i've seen countless people express their boredom with their accounts and releasing a brand new highly competitive game mode is one of the best solutions. Especially with all the afking we have on the server at the moment. The competitive aspect of hcim, on most of the servers i have played with this game mode, everyone who plays it is competing for that top spot on the highscores or to show off their balls by getting wilderness specific drops or rewards,releasing this mode will draw people in and keep them motivated to keep playing. It gives the players a brand new update that makes all existing content new and exciting. They have to be careful going to the wilderness, people will have to prepare so much for bosses. It gives a great sense of achievement when you complete a goal such as a gwd set of armor, as you know full well that you did it all by yourself, which is nice, and is also a lot of fun.
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