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  1. Amazing update! Thanks Dennis
  2. amy


    Welcome Luis! 🙂
  3. Jordy has a small penis :L
  4. Jordy has a small penis :L
  5. amy


    Jordy has a small penis :L
  6. Any bugged items should be removed, however people can transfer items over to alts, is dennis really going to turn the server offline and go through each acc's banks to check?
  7. And ironmen i agree should keep their stuff but have their banks checked for any abused items @Skii
  8. But who knows if biggie/ anyone else used the bug. An eco reset will cause a few players to leave no doubt, but isnt that better than preventing other players from joining? @Hex
  9. Me, Hex and Chin have all donated a large amount to get the server on its feet among others. The server has been live for 1 month only, this is to restore the server following the abuse of the drop bug. we should recieve out donator points back as we havent really got much out of donating otherwise
  10. SUGGESTIONS FROM YOURS TRULY 🙂 ORGANISED BY MOST IMPORTANT AT TOP OF LIST - LEAST IMPORTANT BOTTOM OF LIST ❤️ Top damage dealer gets loot only Stop the multiple drops per kill on a boss, max damage dealer gets loot, and they split with other players, encourages eco as money atm is near to useless ❤️ ::drops - search item fix Espeically important for ironmen, help find what bosses/ monsters we need to kill to get a certain item we need! ❤️ Wilderness Agility Encourages PvP, and should be double the xp as the gnome course to make it preferred for hcim etc. With double agility tickets to make killing players there worthwhile! ❤️ Chaos Altar Encourages PvP as people will bring tons of noted bones to afk here! ❤️ Keep items on death to pvm Saves having to run back to bosses and try loot your gear before it despawns while getting hit and killed by the boss that killed you originally (NOT INCLUDING WILDY BOSSES) ❤️ ::stuck command If players get stuck they can use this command and if they stay still and out of combat for 30 seconds they are teleported to home! ❤️ Remove the ::master staff accounts from hiscores Dont know how this is done, but a tad annoying if you get max first 😛
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