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  1. donor zone for each level of donor. top 2 levels of donor (legend & vip donator) can use a variety of character skin colours (red, green, blue ect) boss that spawns in one of the donor zones every 'x' amount of hours. drop rate boosts for each level of donor post of forums explaining all the perks of donating. donor boss that spawns every 'x' amount of hours that requires donors to work together to kill it for a chance at some nice loot.
  2. Make them into a real ingame list of achievements that need to be complete for the cape. There are already some achievements inside the code I have noticed before wouldn't take too much time to make them function
  3. please add a random event of some sort. maybe a question you have to answer or you get tele'd away or even a way to be able to track their clicks to see if theyre clicking in the exact same spot every time? Im seeing a bot every single day around the same time. Im fed up of reporting them
  4. settings tab is very very old maybe late 300 revision would love to see some newer sprites added so more options could be added and npc + player clicker could be made to look more clean. EXAMPLE :
  5. Health bar above head or in top left corner?? like shown top left : above head : fix lootshare to show everydrop so nobody misses their drop : boss kill count in chatbox? like pictured above. ::bosslog is outdated. npc drops ground overlay? Npc drops: coin drops shouldnt be 1 to whatever amount, I feel it should be a set amount.
  6. #2 is already existing. List : 4. - Announce UnCommon drops in your own chatbox, not public for everyone, just so you don't miss any loots accidently. 18. - No clipping/NPC - kalphites when agroed no clip walls, same with fight caves. Could be more mobs at risk here. (Fix) (worse in legends dungeon) 1. - Remove tormented demons out of the avatars lair 20. - Wildy Bosses (venanatis, vetion & venanatis models are added, just need combat scripts written) 3. - New donator zone for extreme donator + also a slight increase in each ranks potential for getting drops, even if they're wearing a ROW
  7. would be great if we could remove some of the stuff from the quest tab? maybe make room for some better stuff. Button to open drop tables from quest tab instead of command ? Button to open boss kill log in quest tab also instead of commands Remove amount donated maybe make it into a command Donation points could be removed from quest tab also, when you open party pete's shop it could tell you in the chat box or even like shown below๐Ÿ™‚ daily tasks would be great. another thing that could be shown in the quest tab Could also remove slayer task from quest tab by making enchanted gem work
  8. would be pretty awesome.
  9. you need to restock your shop brother
  10. congratulations mr @Chinchompa get fucked mr @Rogue
  11. best pvmers ingame currently. apart from goku of course
  12. i cri everi time ๐Ÿ˜ข
  13. Username: Jordy,Jordan Rank Requested: Owner. Time played (full client screenshot): 12 days 20 hours. no need for screenshot dennis can check my char file. Timezone: GMT Any past staff experiences?: Previous mod & owner Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I know more than 'most' other players that play this game but to previous ownership and reading alot of the code. Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: 100%. I have the resources to find out anything I need to know about this game.
  14. pls bring back.......i will cry
  15. vpn voting wouldnt work anyway, everything rs doesnt allow you to vote more than once in 12 hours. some sites are 24hours. its timed by the username not the ip address so you would need to use another username ๐Ÿ™‚
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