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  1. As long as donor points are fully given back to what was put on the account, I dont mind, Think its smart but we should wait to do this til some youtubers make videos and get more players on the server, no point to reset until then
  2. sorry I miss typed two... meant 200
  3. Username: Jeremy Time played (full client screenshot): A couple hours as of current, have over 3 months played ingame since PDv2 Timezone: CST Any past staff experiences?: Yes, I was a moderator in this server back in V3 for a couple months until the server was down due to unfortunate circumstances. Also was a Player helper on another server but had to back down from that due to IRL at the time. Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I feel like I have a lot of game knowledge on this server as well as rs3 and osrs( which can help in situations). I can put some time into the server not only moderating, but also I would like to help the server grow and also work on side projects/missions whenever I have the time available to! Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: Pretty good, Its a little bit of remembering and coming back to me! V2/V3 were a little different so im trying to remember all of the old things but its coming back to me slowly.
  4. Jeremy


    May I get the Extreme donate on here please? 😉
  5. LOL I like all that it shows me is NVM IM OUTTA HERE... smh :')
  6. Could help, I definitely recommend RC atleast... its a slow skill on here 😞
  7. Jeremy

    Skilling Boss

    Yeah I think something to help out other ironman out would be a good buff, doesnt need to be a skilling boss(could be) or atleast add some good drops from creatures
  8. 1. - Remove tormented demons out of the avatars lair I think Avatar are hard as is and you need max mage gear and you still get trucked for chaotics, makes it hard for newer players to do pvm at the start of the game 2. - Client Auto Updater so no more client downloads need to be reinstalled 3. - New donator zone for extreme donator + also a slight increase in each ranks potential for getting drops, even if they're wearing a ROW Agreed, most servers have this as is 7. - items staying in place when switching ( during pking, cba having to drag items back to where you had them) For pking is a big thing in a server this would help tremendously 11. - add more space in the banks ( items disappear around 30 rows ) Feel like this is sort of a given 20. - Wildy Bosses (venanatis, vetion & venanatis models are added, just need combat scripts written) Could even add like OP bosses and make it like daily events
  9. I think there should be a buyable comp cape from donor shop and also a comp cape that you can get from actually comping on the game
  10. I agree with all of these, especially alot of people wanting to donate would love the one explaining all perks for each one!
  11. Hey guys my names Jeremy or falconhunter, ive been around since 2012. Just saying hi to everyone and also in my welcome post! Welcoming everyone else back!
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