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    Hello all. My name is Azymis. Friends call me Luis, you all can! In my free time, I enjoy gaming of all kinds, and have been in the RSPS scene since 2008. Feel free to send me a chat on discord! See ya'll ingame.
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    Hello everyone, I just started playing this server and I seem to be quite a fan of it. However, I found out that there is suppose to be a reset happening in the upcoming weeks. I was wondering if we could propose the reset to be an item reset instead of a full skill and item reset. I know there is a lot of players that have been playing for quite some time and it will suck for these people to lose all of their work. On top of that, most if not all players are pretty much refusing to play the game as they feel that their hard work will mean nothing since they have to do it all over again. Thanks. Azymis.
  3. Awesome! Good luck to all.
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