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General Updates - 5/14/20

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-coin increase drops on big NPC's to encourage PvM

-all advertisement threads have been updated and are alot more appealing 

-Landing page custom made for Project Decimate

-purchase of IPB forums license for a more professional forums

-reciept for disaster minigame added in to obtain barrows gloves - auto keep item

-Demon slayer minigame added ( obtain keys for chest loots )

-Auto Vote & Auto Donate systems added and working

-Referral system implemented. ::referredby (enter name of person who invited you to Project Decimate)

Limited to new player accounts only ( 1 use per IP address )


- Increased the price of the death , blood , astral, and soul runes in the shop, increases money made from runecrafting

- Fishing for anything above lobsters will be lucrative, as they have been removed from the stores - skill for cash

- enchanted bolts have been removed from the store to make crafting have purpose and money making out of it 

- Added uncut onyx and dragonstone noted drops to cerb boss for making/enchanting high power bolts

- Added Colored whips to the donator store - ranging from 110m - 165m - 220m - 275m ( orange , green , white , blue ) with each higher stats

(these whips can also be obtained in mystery boxes from voting and referring players)



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