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teh cooler


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hello all, here is some of my ideas.

1. Must have bank tabs ( really like to organize my bank, and would help find items quickly) 

2. Grim reaper to home ( if you die and dc or some other issue, you can buy ur items back for some amount of cash, helps peopel to obtain  stuff back.   ) 

3. Slayer caskets (obtaining from doing slayer, makes slayer profit)

4. Vote boss ( extra chance getting mbox, or somthing els, makes peopel want to vote and get that extra chance) 

5. Revenants  ( remove them from the cave, and but them in wildy, way too easy moneymaking . ) 

6. Pet perks ( heard that you thinking about it, and its hell of a good idea ) 

7. Clue scrolls ( fun to do and really would like to see them ingame . add some value on them , and boom another moneymaking ) 

8. client- file-forums isent working, direct it to this webside, if this will be server webside ( future after some other ideas like drop guide and so on can added aswell.

9. pk ( dont know much about it, but add pk casket or somthing like that :)  ) 

10.  Wildy bosses, makes pvm-ers going to the wildy,

11. collection log, always fun to do, and adds up alot for server


thankju for reading, leave  comments below what you think, and  suggest somthing that you have in your mind. in future ill deffenetly add more those type of suggest , but at this moment lets see :) 


Teh cooler

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