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General Updates - 6/8/2020

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Thank you all for being so patient for this weeks updates! they're live now!


- :: Rules and ::Discord have been added to the commands for easy access.

- Ring of wealth has been buffed

- drop rates and table have been buffed including all working drops now

- Potions now disappear after the last sip

- Bank 'Search' Implemented

- Sea Troll Boss is now a multi combat zone

- Barrage in multi combat zones, will now attack nearby players when PvM - be careful of lures

- ::ResetKDR is now implemented 

- healer added at home for non donators every 5 minutes, Unlimited use for Donators

- Shift dropping is implemented

- Level 91 slayer required to attack Cerb.

- You must deal 25% damage now in order to get loot from world PvM'ing

- Corrupt pvp gear and weapons will now last 1,000 hits, rather than the 1 hour time limit "Operate" to check charges

- Mining rune essence has been fixed (no more spam clicking for loaded inventories)

- Morrigan's Javelin's and Throwing Axe's have been buffed, no more hitting 10's and under ! great for pking & PvM now!


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