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Some Suggestions

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- Comp/Max cape should have ava's accumulator effect

- Hexcrest and Focus Sight should be added to slayer shop or have a lower drop rate

- Add More/All Bosses/Monsters to Slayer Tasks

- Make Revenant Slayer Tasks More Common

- Fix getting a Slayer Task more than once after skipping that same task

- Add an Option to Block Slayer Tasks for Slayer points

- Give Monsters in Slayer dungeon a drops table with maybe mystery boxes and coins etc.

- A Few Boss Suggestions: Kalger the Warmonger (use to be in PD and was pretty hard to kill), World-gorger Shukarhazh , Celestial/Sagittarian Warriors (so you can get the armour as drops), and any new OSRS bosses

- Possible Items to add: Celestial catalytic staff, Hexhunter bow (Possibly Best in slot weapons)

- Give Nomad an item/items to make it worth killing like Korasi's sword

- Make Legends Dungeon Multi

- Remove burning food its a private server everyone would love this

- When Crafting D'Hide you can't use the Make 5/10/or X options

- Move Bank 1 square away from Blood Altar for Runecrafting

- Escape to close Interfaces

- Add a Ironman Mystery Box that you have a random chance to get this while Skilling/Pvming (Mainly to help for starting out)

- Possible Rewards:
Common Loot: Rune Armour/Weapons, Black D'hide, adament/runite bolts 250-1000 random, Ancient Staff and other random stuff
Uncommon Loot: Helm of Neitzinot and the other freminnik helmets, adament/rune beserker shield, unholy book, Mage Bank Capes, Dragon Arrows, 1000 Sharks
Rare Loot: Dragon Armour/Weapons, Toktz-ket-xil, Infinity Armour/gloves & boots, Master Wand, Mage's Book, 500 Rocktails, Dragon Pickaxe, Dragon Axe
Ultra Rare: Dark Bow, Amulet of Fury, Dragon Boots, Barrows, Regular Spirit Shield, Fire Cape, Dragon Defender, Fighter Torso, Ring of Wealth, Robin Hood Hat, Ranger Boots

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