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Slayer needs to be reworked.

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- You never get tasks from the medium dungeon. (Would be nice for starters/ironmen to get tasks from)

- You get the same task in a row multiple times after skiping the task with ::endtask. (Gets annoying getting the same task you just skipped obviously it was skipped because you didn't want it)

- Make a Rewards Interface that you can skip and block tasks from. (Skip 10 slayer points) (Block 100 slayer points)

- Strykewyrms would be a nice task to have back (hope the issue with the task not ending can be fixed)

- Make Dagannoth Kings/Avatars tasks able to kill all of them instead of a specific one.

- You should be able to get any boss as a task. It would be cool to get any boss as a task in game so players have a reason to try out all the bosses in the game. (and maybe some of the bosses you can cap the amount of the task to like 5-10)
  (Nex, Nomad, Sea Troll Queen, Barrelchest, Kalphite Queen, Bulwark Beast, Balance Elemental, Gluttonous Behemoth, Dreadnaut, and the OSRS Wildy bosses)

- Maybe add Full Slayer Helm to the slayer shop for 1000 points or Hexcrest and Focus Sight for 500 points each.

- Make some Bosses drop an item that colors the Full Slayer Helm like KBD heads (Black Helmet), Kq head (Green Helmet), Abyssal head (Red Helmet), and maybe Nex for (Purple Helmet).

- A Unique idea I had, add a Slayer Master inside the beginning of the Low, Med, and High Lvl Dungeons that only assign tasks in that specific dungeon and the Slayer Master at home can assign any other monster in the game like in the slayer tower, slayer dungeon, rev caves, wildy tasks and etc. Also the Boss Tasks.

Corrupt PvP armour needs to degrade and become untradable once the charges are used or have the charges in the name. (so no one can scam you by selling and item with a useless amount of charges, operating the item only shows the owner of the item the charges so they could scam)

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