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General Updates - 6/17/2020

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Updates from this past week:


 -Bank bug withdrawling cash bug ( if you had max cash in inv, and tried withdrawling X amount you would lose the X amount)

-Bank sizes changing per rank - 420 regular account +100 each donator rank

-::data and ::fps cmds 

-dfs spec timer (from 2 minutes to 30 seconds now)

-price of bonemeal set from 0 -> 3.2k

- Items remain in the same inventory slot

- Fixed mithril seed planting offset

- players are required to do 1/3 of the total dmg to an NPC to receive a drop

- added additional bot prevention

- nerf'ed the ring of wealth,it was way to high of drop percentage boost, it was 45% drop rate bonus, now its 10%

- spam clicking fishing spots fills up the inventory fast (same as the rune essence before it got fixed)

- Max hit dummy at home

- crystal chest with crystal key working - show me how to add the loots and I will add them in.

- Ability to teleport out of wilderness with glory lvl 30 and under - made them go down in charges aswell fomr (4) to (3) etc each use

- Laucher for client so it will auto update cache and no more need for new client downloads after this update.

- Hard Core Iron Man , 15% drop rate increase , reduced XP rates , reverted to regular ironman upon death.

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Really excited to grind out HCIM and GIM, also, crystal keys are a great addition to the game 🙂

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