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Introducing Hardcore Ironman

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slayergnome-4.pngHardcore Ironman

 *This event will not start until the official release of Project Decimate *

Hey everyone, HCIM is finally here. The mode will share the same restrictions as other ironman modes but it will have a significantly reduced experience rate which is x10 compared to the regular gamemode x90. Alongside the reduced exp rate, the mode also has some perks. Such as a 15% droprate boost. As you know, If you die as a Hardcore Ironman, you'll be reverted to a regular ironman.

Hardcore Ironman will have their own Red Crown next to their name, which will be showed in the chatbox.

To celebrate the release of the new mode, we'll be handing out several prizes;


First to max a Hardcore Ironman (2083 total level) 

slayergnome-5.png $200 scroll 

Second person to max a Hardcore Ironman

slayergnome-5.png $100 scroll 

Third person to max a Hardcore Ironman

slayergnome-5.png $50 scroll


First BOSS pet

slayergnome-5.png $10 scroll


First Non Combat 99 

slayergnome-5.png Custom Yell Tag and Color and $10 scroll

First to 126 combat

slayergnome-5.png $10 scroll


*Anyone found to be breaking any rules will be disqualified from the event, account sharing is also illegal in this competition so be cautious before deciding to do so.


We hope you enjoy this event, and goodluck!
Project Decimate Administration Team.

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Good luck to everyone that is taking part in this competition! another competition will take place for group ironman once it is released !

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