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General Updates - 6/25/2020

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- Group Ironman ( 3-5 members, invites , kicks , shared bank , decreased XP rates , 12% increased drop rates )

- Hardcore Ironman ( Decreased XP rates, 15% drop rate increase )

- Quick prayers for the normals spell book added

- Augury and Rigour prayers are now added to the normal spellbook

- Wilderness Multizone Barrage attacks now will hit nearby players and you will get skulled

- once obtained 200m xp in a skill, you will still recieve a sort of XP drop to let you know you're about to hit.

- esc/space to close tabs/skip dialogue

- Woodcutting bugs fixed

- Relocated the Cerberus teleport option from "monsters" to its appropriate "bosses" teleports.

- Drops have been reverted back to the player who dealt the most amount of damage

- Corrupt PvP armours will now disappear after 250 hits (operate to check how many charges remain)

- Normal PvP armours will will disappear after 1,000 hits (operate to check how many charges remain)

- Added "venenatis , Callisto , Vet'ion and Greater Demons to the Wilderness teleports ( changed all colors to red )
  ( you can still quickly access all of these locations using the commands "::vet" "::ven" "::callisto" "::Gdz"

- Hexcrest and Sight of Focus have been added to the slayer shop for 500 points each.

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